Gaming Content Downloads

This is my constantly growing collection of gaming content downloads.

Everything here is my original content except where I’ve attributed additional creators whose content was used in my build.

You are free to use my content as you wish. That said, if you like to steal people’s content and re-upload it as your own, then I’ll send my scruffy NPC minions to dismember you pixel by pixel.

If you like my stuff, all I ask in return is a YouTube like and subscribe. These are the main validation points we creators yearn for and I will send you many virtual hugs for doing so.

Righto, let’s get into it. Click on a link to go through to that downloads section.

The Sims 4

Some of my TS4 content can also be downloaded from the EA Gallery or The Sims Resource but not all. This is my central library where absolutely anything goes. My downloads are hosted on Google Drive and/or Dropbox.

Households – CAS Create-a-Sim


Open Sim downloads

Most OpenSim content will also work in Second Life unless it contains scripts. DO NOT use OpenSim scripts in Second Life.

Avatar Clothing

Female avatar clothing – system texture
Male avatar clothing – system texture

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