Author: Andrew Thompson

  • InWorldz vs Second Life

    InWorldz vs Second Life

    InWorldz is long gone now. I originally wrote this article under my avatar name, Xay Tomsen, nearly ten years ago. Recently, while in the process of transferring all my old blog articles to this new site, I deliberated whether to keep this one or not, however there is a lot of history recorded below and…

  • Iconic Adult Animations for Open Simulator

    Iconic has opened its doors in Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. You can take this link to teleport directly to the store:hop:// A new brand in the XTC group of in-world businesses, Iconic makes animations for Open Simulator virtual worlds. Iconic will initially focus on gay-themed animations to service the overwhelming lack of gay animations…

  • Cities: Skylines – I Love Monorails

    This is the transcript from my video “Monorails are Awesome!“ Good morning or whatever time of the world it is in your part of the world. Tonight I thought I’d share my love with you for monorails (in Cities: Skylines). They cop a fair bit of flak. Some people really hate them and I don’t…

  • The Sims 4 | household download | Jay Hapoatu

    Create a sim : Jay Hapoatu Download the Jay Hapoatu sim for The Sims 4. Jay is a young adult male South Pacific Islander in traditional attire with some minor western influences. Aspiration: Beach LifeTraits: Romantic, Child of the Ocean, Dance Machine You can watch the YouTube video of me building Jay

  • The Sims 4 | household download | Molly Kanunda

    Create a sim : Molly Kanunda Molly Kanunda is a young adult female sim for The Sims 4, suitable for senior school, private college, or university. Aspiration: Popularity, Friend of the WorldTraits: Cheerful, Self-Assured, Dog Lover You can watch the YouTube video of me building Molly

  • My new gaming station

    This is my new gaming channel. Thank you coronavirus for finally giving me time off to start moving all my gear from the old site to this one – AND to create a heap of new content!