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Xay Tomsen

Howdy do. If you want to get in touch, please use the messaging system of your preferred social media. I don’t list my email address online or the spam bots attack it. Here are my main social channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Second Life – You can also IM my avatar, Xay Tomsen, from in-world to contact me. Again, it comes through to my email.

I’m also Xay Tomsen in DigiWorldz, which is where I build content, write code, and have my shops full of OpenSim content. I’m happy to chat face-to-face or show you around. My region is called Arius. It’s voice-enabled so please use voice as I like to multi-task and build stuff while I’m chatting – which I can’t do if I’m texting with you.

DigiWorldz is hypergrid-enabled so if you’re on another virtual world. IM me from in-world if you have any questions.

Finally, I also have a fair bit of content on the Kitely Market.

Hugs all round and hope to chat soon.

Xay Tomsen/AndrewT2020