The Sims 4 Household Downloads

Here is my growing collection of household downloads for The Sims 4. You are free to use my content as you wish but do not re-upload it as your own.

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‘No Mod’ means that the sim only uses official EA clothing, furniture etc.
‘Has Mod’ means that it uses content by third party creators as well as EA.
‘Adult’ means all of the above but with anatomically correct sims.

Jay Hapoatu (no mod)

The Sims 4 household CAS download - Jay Hapoatu

Jay Hapoato is a ‘young adult’ male sim of South Pacific Island origins. His attire is traditional with some western influences.

Aspiration: Beach Life.

Traits: Ocean Child, Romantic, Dance Machine

Molly Kanunda (has mod)

The Sims 4 household CAS download - Molly Kanunda

Molly Kanunda is a ‘young adult’ female sim, suitable for senior school, private college, or university.

Aspiration: Popularity, Friend of the World.

Traits: Cheerful, Self-Assured, Dog Lover

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