Iconic Adult Animations for Open Simulator

Iconic has opened its doors in Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. You can take this link to teleport directly to the store:

A new brand in the XTC group of in-world businesses, Iconic makes animations for Open Simulator virtual worlds. Iconic will initially focus on gay-themed animations to service the overwhelming lack of gay animations for OpenSim.

Spawned from the Bianci brand of animated furnishings, Iconic will focus solely on raw animations and pose ball sets, while still providing content for the Bianci furniture line-up.

As well as adult content, new G rated animations are available including sitting, standing, lying, floating and sleeping.

This product range proudly made in the Kingdom of Irukandji

Made right here on the Irukandji estate, all animations are copy/mod, and come pre-installed in full perm pose balls so you can modify the offsets to suit your avatar. Alternatively, you can just drag the animation out of the pose ball and drop into your own scripted furniture.

Iconic animations and pose-ball sets are available to the hypergrid. Due to much of the content being adult in nature, the range is only available from the store in Arius on the DigiWorldz grid, and not on web-based marketplaces.

A unique experience

A common problem when buying animation sets is that you are often alone when doing so, or you feel embarrassed asking a friend to go shopping with you for adult animations so you can try them out. *awkward*

To get around that, Iconic has created a unique shopping experience, in that we have the brilliant IruMoto Love Engine in store, which generates NPCs to demonstrate the animations for you.

All you have to do is sit down and relax then click on each animation you would like to play, and the sequence will be acted out for you by NPCs.

Due to the adult nature of the Iconic store and many other shops on Arius, the region carries an Adult rating, which means you must be over 18 years of age to visit there.

The goal of Iconic is to create a whole new range of romance and sex animations for both gay and straight couples and also multi-partner scenarios. Many animations work fine for both but the initial focus is on gay content to fill the overwhelming void in Open Simulator worlds.

I hope you enjoy the new store along with the awesomely different shopping experience. If you have any suggestions for animation sets you would like to see added to the product range, feel free to let me know.