IruMoto Script Factory

IruMoto scripts

IruMoto Script Factory produces scripts and support cards for objects in Open Simulator virtual worlds.

With an in-world location in Arius on the DigiWorldz grid, IruMoto also provides the scripting for other brands in the Xay Tomsen Creations (XTC) stable of products.

These include PUMP Body Bits, Phase Club Supplies, Iconic Animations, Bianci Furnishings, Irukandji Seascapes, and Tamita Motors.

Teleport inworld to the IruMoto Script Factory:

Script Resources on this site:

IruMoto NPC Engine

IruMoto Time Generator (TimeGen4)

This product range proudly made in the Kingdom of Irukandji

Back story

My estate – I prefer ‘utopian kingdom’ 🙂 – is called Irukandji. IruMoto is short for Irukandji Motor Company, which if you happen to be passing the building, you will notice written in faded paint on the walls.

IruMoto started in InWorldz in 2012 out of sheer necessity due to the lack of scripts on that grid. Initially intended solely to make vehicle scripts for Tamita Motors, word got out and I began making scripts for everything.

Nowadays, IruMoto is probably best known for its NPC tech, and this is definitely my favourite aspect of scripting. Like so many things in virtual worlds though, ideas for new products often stem, quite accidentally, from something completely different. This is perhaps why I have such a diverse library of original content.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Xay Tomsen/AndrewT 2020