My new gaming station

new gaming channel - AndrewT2020

This is my new gaming channel. Thank you coronavirus for finally giving me time off to start moving all my gear from the old site to this one – AND to create a heap of new content!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you will also know me as Xay Tomsen, particularly in Second Life and Open Sim, but I’m using the new AndrewT2020 from … well … 2020.

I’ve mainly been doing Second Life and Open Sim for the last 15 years or so and have just started The Sims 4 and also dabbling with some other random games.

I’m going to try to tackle about 6 new games a year herein and just have fun with it. Time to spread the wings I reckon.

There will be a lot of crazy and diverse gaming-related stuff here including downloads, TS4 CC, .oar files, OSSL coding snippets, complete sims and avatars, reviews, tutorials, plus a jargon buster page.

I post a lot of content on different platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and the EA Sims 4 Gallery. You’ll find all my links and contact info in the social menu.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel as it’s the only human contact I get. 🙂