Houses and Buildings

buildings by Xay Tomsen

My range of houses and buildings are suitable for use on DigiWorldz, other Open Simulator virtual worlds*, and Second Life**.

Proudly made in-world in the Kingdom of Irukandji, all of my buildings are primitive-based, not mesh, as I don’t like the way that mesh degrades when viewed from a relatively short distance. All scripts within the buildings are fully compliant with Open Sim v0.9.1. This includes doors, window tinting, lights, rez boxes, and security systems.

This product range proudly made in the Kingdom of Irukandji

You can view my range via the catalogue below (listed alphabetically).

*except the very rare scripted object that relies on DigiWorldz-specific UUIDs.
**none of my scripted outfits are designed to work in Second Life.

Where can I buy your buildings?

Due to the amount of space they take up, I don’t have my buildings rezzed in-world, however some of my houses, monuments, and buildings are available at Xay Tomsen Creations on Kitely Market.

Open Simulator virtual worlds

It is proving a huge job importing every item to Kitely, so for the moment, only a handful are there. You will find my listed buildings linked in the gallery below.

I hope you enjoy the collection.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen.

Houses and Buildings

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