Vehicles for OpenSimulator

Virtual world vehicles for OpenSim at Tamita Motors

I make several models of vehicles for use on Open Simulator virtual worlds such as DigiWorldz, as well as Second Life.

Teleport inworld to the Tamita Motors showroom to see my current range of vehicles. You will also find my museum of older model cars and boats from previous virtual worlds:

Proudly manufactured in-world on the Irukandji Continent, my specialised range of vehicles includes amphibious 4×4 trucks and sports utes. Brands include Otter, Anzac, Titan, and Gurkha.

I also make Pedigree brand speedboats, Anaconda hovercrafts, and Albatross helicopters.

This product range proudly made in the Kingdom of Irukandji

All vehicles are powered by genuine IruMoto scripts, with their R & D factory located right next door to our car yard, Tamita Motors on Arius region in DigiWorldz.

Due to the fact that all of my newer engines, wheels etc are coded for OpenSim virtual worlds, they are not suitable for Second Life unless SL is specifically listed in the description.

For the most part, all of my cars, boats and other watercraft are made of prims, with the occasional sculpt or mesh component. I prefer prims for making cars in particular, as they seem to work more accurately in regards to game physics versus irregular terrain.

Have a look at my entire collection of vehicles via the catalogue below. I’ve also made a lot of videos about vehicles in virtual worlds if you want to learn more:

IruMoto Engines

All vehicles run IruMoto engine and component scripts. The vehicle’s model number is derived from the IruMoto engine series:

  • v1 2007 Second Life
  • v2 2007 – 2009 Second Life
  • v3 2011 – 2012 Second Life
  • v4 2011 SpotOn3D
  • v5 2012 – 2014 InWorldz
  • v6 2014 – 2015 Reef VR
  • v7 2016 – 2022 DigiWorldz

Vehicles Catalogue

Date and grid listed are when and where each model was first released.

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