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The Sims 4 CAS download - Molly Kanunda
The Sims 4 CAS download – Molly Kanunda

Create a sim : Molly Kanunda

Molly Kanunda is a young adult female sim for The Sims 4, suitable for senior school, private college, or university.

Aspiration: Popularity, Friend of the World
Traits: Cheerful, Self-Assured, Dog Lover

You can watch the YouTube video of me building Molly

No body sliders were used in this build.

Installation Guide

  • Download the sim file from Google or The Sims Resource, unzip it, and put the files in your EA tray folder.
  • Download all custom content and put the files in your EA mod folder.
  • Enable Include Custom Content in the gallery to show up the sim model.

Expansion Pack content

Molly may be wearing outfit components from these official EA expansion packs, so you will need to have them on your system for her to appear exactly as above.

  • Get to work
  • Outdoor retreat
  • Spa day
  • Luxury party stuff
  • Perfect patio stuff
  • Cool kitchen stuff
  • Get together
  • Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Dine Out
  • Kids Room Stuff
  • Backyard Stuff
  • City Living
  • Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • Vampires
  • Bowling Night Stuff
  • Parenthood
  • Fitness Stuff
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Laundry Day Stuff
  • Jungle Adventure
  • My First Pet Stuff
  • Seasons
  • Get Famous
  • Strangerville
  • Island Living
  • Moschino Stuff
  • Realm of Magic
  • Discover University

Third party content creators

You will need to download this third party creative content for Molly to appear as above. Once downloaded, simply place in your Mods folder. If the download is a zip file, unzip it first before putting in Mods.

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