Legends of Irukandji

Legends, history, and culture by Xay Tomsen on Tamita Island, Irukandji 2014 InWorldz grid

Legends and tales from the Kingdom of Irukandji

Irukandji Ministry of Heritage and Culture, stories and legends

This section of the site is a collection of stories, legends and tribal histories of the many islands and seas that make up the Irukandji Continent, or as it is known in-game, the Kingdom of Irukandji.

Irukandji exists (or existed) in Second Life, InWorldz, Reef VR, SpotOn3D, and DigiWorldz.

Note: if you are trying to visit the current Irukandji world, the landing sim is Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. The region is hypergrid enabled for easy teleportation from other Open Simulator virtual worlds. If you have the Firestorm viewer, use this link to teleport to Arius.

Located somewhere in the South Pacific, the Kingdom of Irukandji is a cluster of neighbouring islands and seas, with diverse and sometimes troubling histories dating back 3000 years. These are some of its tales and legends.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen

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