Regions of Irukandji

States and regions of the Kingdom of Irukandji 2019

States, islands & seas of the Irukandji Continent

This section of the site is an historical record of the 262 regions that formed the Irukandji Continent, or as it was known in-game, the Kingdom of Irukandji.

Don’t worry, there aren’t 262 pages – There used to be on the old site but this time instead of listing them region by region, I’m going state by state. Yes, Irukandji was that huge that it needed states. So instead of 262 pages, I’ve condensed the whole lot into just 13 pages. Thank me later. 😄

All the regions (a.k.a. simulators) from the various iterations of Irukandji – in Second Life, InWorldz, Reef VR, SpotOn3D, and DigiWorldz – are listed here. Each region was my original design and canvas, hand terraformed and planted – no copy and past .oar files like the noobs use today.

On top of this, a massive and diverse community of people joined me on my regions, adding their own homes, shops, and artistic content as part of their avatars’ daily lives.

The look, the society, the culture, the ambience, the art – Irukandji was visually stunning, breath taking, and unbelievably huge. Even today, fifteen years on, it remains the largest virtual continent ever created in the southern hemisphere.

So, here it is, 15+ years of my creative time, and 20,000+hours in the making, a snapshot of Irukandji in all its forms.

Andrew Thompson a.k.a. Xay Tomsen

Note: if you are trying to visit the current Irukandji world, the landing sim is Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. The region is hypergrid enabled for easy teleportation from other Open Simulator virtual worlds. If you have the Firestorm viewer, use this link to teleport to Arius.

States & regions


Mount Aboyo, Irukandji
Mount Aboyo Island, 2014 (InWorldz)

Aboyo State is comprised of:


Arius region, Irukandji 2019
Arius region, Irukandji 2019 (DigiWorldz)

Located on the DigiWorldz grid, Arius is a standalone region.


Irukandji Police on Valkyrie Shoals region
Irukandji Police HQ on Valkyrie Shoals 2008 (Second Life)

Heahu State consists of:


Jillaroo State consists of several regions:


Aratura City in Kalamat State, far-west Irukandji, 2016 (DigiWorldz)

Kalamat State comprises:


Palu Island simulator 2014
Palu Island, Irukandji 2014 (InWorldz)

The Palu State consists of:


Kebo Atoa region, Irukandji 2008
Kebo Atoa, Irukandji 2008 (Second Life)

Pinjarra State comprises:

Reef VR

Kiwi Islands
Kiwi Islands 2015 (Reef VR grid)

Reef VR regions were:


Xay Tomsen on Tamita Island, Irukandji 2014 InWorldz grid
Princes Palace on Tamita Island, Irukandji 2014 (InWorldz)

The regions of Tamita State are:


Convict Island region, Irukandji
Convict Island, northern Irukandji 2008 (Second Life)

Weta State comprises:

Satellite regions

Julia Creek region, Irukandji
Julia Creek region, Irukandji 2013 (Second Life)

While these satellite regions were Irukandji themed, they were completely separate, existing only between iterations of the estate.

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