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Palu Island simulator 2014

Palu State

Palu State occupies two main landmasses but mostly open ocean. Its simulators are located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Irukandji, a virtual continent that has existed from 2007 to the present day.

A scenic region called Palu Island first existed for about two weeks in Second Life in the midst of the Kalamat sims but I had no time to develop it.

It fared considerably better in late 2013-2014 on InWorldz where it emerged as a region adjoining the southeast of Kalamat State.

On the DigiWorldz grid however, Palu State has a significant role and presence.

That’s the techno-babble out of the way. Let’s go in-world. 😁

Note: if you are trying to visit the current Irukandji world, the landing sim is Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. The region is hypergrid enabled for easy teleportation from other Open Simulator virtual worlds. If you have the Firestorm viewer, use this link to teleport to Arius.

Irukandji Ministry of Heritage and Culture

History and culture

States and regions of the Kingdom of Irukandji 2019

The Palu people plays a significant role in all aspects of Irukandji, alongside the other royal tribes. They have a developed royal lineage and back story.

The tribes of Palu State are widespread. A seafaring people, many live their lives on board elaborate water craft, only coming ashore when supplies cannot be sourced at sea.

The main landmass is Palu Island however this scarcity of dry land may change at some future point, as the royal house also claims possession of disputed territories in Kalamat.

Civil war is ongoing between Kalamat and Palu, with the latter claiming the land was ceded to them in return for helping to liberate Kalamat from their French overlords.

Royal family in order of ascension:

Rhodes, elder and reigning Prince of Palu
Rhodes, reigning Prince of Palu wearing the formal long cape, dagger, and spear gun of an Irukandji naval officer.
  • Rhodes Palu (m), reigning elder, Submarine Captain, Royal Irukandji Navy
  • Tyler (m), Lieutenant, Helicopter Pilot, Tamita 42nd Marines
  • Dylan (m), Sienna (f), Aaron (m), Zac (m)

Islands and seas of Tamita

Palu Island

Palu Island v1 (Second Life 2008)

map of Palu Island on Second Life
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: Second Life 2008
  • Use: Light Residential
  • Terrain: palu-island080810

In its original form in Second Life, Palu Island was a light residential sim in Kalamat State in west Irukandji.

As with the other islands in Kalamat, timing was not on its side, as the GFC hit just a few weeks after Palu Island came online.

This is one of few examples where the later InWorldz version of an island was far more successful than the Second Life version.

Given its major relocation in InWorldz to an entirely different grid region, it is really only on this page by default. Its only relevance really, is that in existing, it provided a starting point from which the story expanded.

Palu Island v2 (InWorldz 2013-2014)

beautiful homesteads, parklands and rivers on Palu Island, Kingdom of Irukandji 2014
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: InWorldz 2013-2014
  • Use: Residential
  • Terrain: palu-island141102

Palu Island is a residential sim on the InWorldz grid, located in the southwest of the Irukandji Continent. It is the only land region in Palu State, the rest of its territories being open ocean.

Notably, Palu Island fills a much different grid space to that which it held in Second Life, partly due to the smaller grid size in InWorldz. Also, at that point in time, Palu had no history or roleplay requirements.

road testing an Otter amphibious car on the beach.

It had a presence now though. This second rendition performed vastly better than its previous incarnation.

I originally commissioned Palu Island at the same time as Manatu Island which shares the same latitude. My plan was to develop Manatu first and have this one as a reserve.

For that reason, Palu Island had a rather flexible landscape at the beginning. The initial layout had a narrow strip of beach around the entire island, with a flat mountain at its centre surrounded by a caldera wall.

The purpose of this layout was to road-test new vehicles, following the release of code on the grid that made vehicles (briefly) Second Life compatible.

This setup lasted only a few weeks, as the land on Manatu Island was selling steadily. I decided to create a new driving sim, Octane Island, and to convert Palu Island into a residential sim.

I did like the unusual shape of Palu though, and on the northwest and southwest corners, the original high ground remained. The rest was made level with an arm of the Maskari and Aboyo river systems passing through the island.

It was with this solid foundation, that the culture and history of the Palu tribe began to take form, which developed very nicely in DigiWorldz.

Adjoining Palu Island, clockwise from northwest, were Kalamat IslandPinjarra ShoalsPinjarra Island, and Savage Bay.

Savage Bay

Savage Bay, Irukandji
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: InWorldz 2013-2014
  • Use: Recreational
  • Terrain: hand terraformed

Savage Bay is an open sea in southern Irukandji on the InWorldz virtual world.

The region, Savage Bay lies due east of Palu Island and south of Pinjarra Island, and west of Manatu Island. The bay is popular with boats and jet skis enjoying its waters, while land owners on Pinjarra had jetties extended into the bay.

The region remained online throughout 2013 and 2014 until I moved over to my own grid later that year.

Savage Bay featured a long sand bar which ran along the southern shore for vehicles to drive on.

Savage Bay, Irukandji on InWorldz 2013

While the sandbar did serve a practical function, its other purpose was to mark the very southern edge of the kingdom so boats didn’t inadvertently jettison their drivers off-world (alas, an InWorldz glitch).

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