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Pinjarra Shoals, Irukandji

Pinjarra State

Pinjarra State is a group of regions (simulators) on the Kingdom of Irukandji, a virtual continent that has existed from 2007 to the present day.

Regions of Pinjarra have existed on all versions of the Irukandji Continent in Second Life, InWorldz, SpotOn3D, and DigiWorldz.

That’s all the nerdy back-end stuff. Let’s get back into roleplay. ūüėĀ

Note: if you are trying to visit the current Irukandji world, the landing sim is Arius on the DigiWorldz grid. The region is hypergrid enabled for easy teleportation from other Open Simulator virtual worlds. If you have the Firestorm viewer, use this link to teleport to Arius.

Irukandji Ministry of Heritage and Culture

History and culture

Pinjarra, a troubled royal house

Rah Pinjarra
Rah Pinjarra, a Prince of Irukandji 2008

The Pinjarra tribe is relatively new by local standards, and its entire history frought with war.

Once known as West Pearl Island, Pinjarra Island was renamed for the tribal elder, Pinjarra, who returned home after decades in the sugar plantations.

His story is told in the Tale of the Twin Pearls. Seventy years later, this piece of history would lead to the Tamita-Pinjarra War.

Regions of Pinjarra

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty, Pinjarra state, Irukandji 2009
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: Second Life 2008-2009
  • Use: Residential
  • Terrain: bay-of-plenty080810

Bay of Plenty is a simulator on the Second Life virtual world. It is part of Tamita State in Central Irukandji.

Up until I created the the Kalamat nation, Bay of Plenty was the westernmost region and marked the edge of the kingdom.

Bay of Plenty took its name from the region in New Zealand of the same name. I did this in large part to acknowledge the significant support of Kiwi residents on the estate.

During its two year life on the grid, Bay of Plenty enjoyed 100% occupancy with a single landholder leasing a large atoll in the southwestern corner of the bay.

A long underwater section of the Trans Irukandji Causeway traverses the sim from north to south, which is visible in the adjacent photo.

Regrettably, Bay of Plenty lost its principal landholder in 2009 due to the GFC and was subsequently taken offline.

Irukandji Sound

Irukandji Sound in Second Life 2008
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: Second Life 2008
  • Use: Light Residential
  • Terrain: hand terraformed

Irukandji Sound is a sailing sea in southern Irukandji. It is an uninhabited sea and part of the Great Irukandji Ocean.

Irukandji Sound is also a conduit for the Trans Irukandji Causeway which traverses underwater from Manatu Island to Kebo Atoa Lagoon.

When I rebuilt the Irukandji Continent in InWorldz in 2013, the grid square occupied by Irukandji Sound in SL was renamed Pinjarra Shoals.

Irukandji Village

a Collins Class Submarine at berth on the Irukandji Village simulator
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: SpotOn3D 2011
  • Use: Commercial
  • Terrain: hand terraformed

Irukandji Village was a region on the SpotOn3D grid during 2011 and did not form part of the traditional Irukandji story. It occupied the grid square previously held by Pinjarra Island in Second Life.

Irukandji Village was essentially a construction and commercial region, where I spent a great deal of time honing my various content creation skills.

Most notably, Irukandji Village is the sim where I first created my huge range of trees and plants, which would go on to sell in great numbers on later grids.

Kebo Atoa

Kebo Atoa, Pinjarra State, in Second Life
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: Second Life 2008-2009
  • Use: Light Residential
  • Terrain: kebo-atoa080909

An outlying region in Pinjarra State, Kebo Atoa is a crescent shaped island in a shallow lagoon in southern Irukandji.

The simulator, Kebo Atoa, came along midway through the life of the Irukandji story in Second Life, as the estate continued to grow westward.

Kebo Atoa, given its low density and ‘estate-edge’ location, was very well received. All parcels were eagerly purchased and gained a population quickly. It featured several nice homes.

Prior to its subdivision and settlement, Kebo Atoa was, and still is, regarded as an island of immense historical significance. More information to come.

I designed and terraformed Kebo Atoa by hand. I wanted a blank canvas given its distance from the main Irukandji continent.

Kebo Atoa connects with Sulawesi Bay in the east and Irukandji Sound in the north via the Trans Irukandji Causeway which hugs the outer rim of the island.

When I rebuilt Irukandji in InWorldz some years later, the grid square occupied by Kebo Atoa in Second Life, was renamed Palu Island in IW, which is geographically incorrect.

Pinjarra Island

v1 (Second Life 2007-2009)

a phenomenal build honouring Frank Lloyd Wright on Pinjarra Island 2007

The famous and arguably infamous Pinjarra Island is a residential island in Tamita State in central Irukandji.

Located due south of Tamita Bay, Pinjarra Island was the ninth sim that I built in Second Life and was terraformed by hand. Its design is a blend of landscapes from Tamita Island and Alantay Island.

Quality buildings were a hallmark of Pinjarran culture

Pinjarra Island features a tall split mountain at its centre and a network of narrow canals surrounded by bays.

At its peak, Pinjarra Island supported a population of around 30 people from UK, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and USA.

The residents really went overboard with architecture. The builds were magnificent and rivalled anything I’ve ever seen in terms of quality and beauty.

Pinjarra Island is one of the ‘sacred sims’ of Irukandji and plays a huge part in the kingdom’s history. Four years later, I would recreate Pinjarra Island on the InWorldz virtual world and it would prove extremely popular.

v2 (InWorldz 2013-2014)

Pinjarra Island, Irukandji 2013

Pinjarra Island is a residential region in Pinjarra State in central Irukandji.

This second incarnation of Pinjarra Island respected the location and culture of the original in Second Life.

Pinjarra Island on InWorldz grid 2014

Located due southwest of Irukandji’s capital, Tamita Island, the landscape and layout of Pinjarra Island is loosely based on the old version.

The Aboyo River passes through Pinjarra Island, from Tiamo Reef in the east and into Tamita Bay (later Adonis Lagoon) in the north.

The L-shaped river design allowed for better parcels along the beaches than last time, and worked very well. I would later use the same river setup on the Manatu Island and Toraboyo Beach regions.

Pinjarra Island, central Irukandji on InWorldz virtual world

The InWorldz edition of Pinjarra Island proved popular with new landowners coming to Irukandji.

Pinjarra Shoals

The broad seascape of Pinjarra Shoals

Pinjarra Shoals is a deep-water bay and is located due west of Pinjarra Island in central Irukandji.

A new region for InWorldz, Pinjarra Shoals didn’t exist in Second Life. It filled the grid square previously occupied by Irukandji Sound in SL. Pinjarra Shoals represents an amalgam of several prior regions that separated Tamita and Kalamat States.

Sulawesi Bay

Sulawesi Bay, nestled between Kebo Atoa and Manatu Island, Irukandji 2008
  • Size: 6.5536 hectares
  • Grid: Second Life 2008-2009
  • Use: Light Residential
  • Terrain: sulawesi-bay081018

Sulawesi Bay consists of a deep-water bay with a central flat atoll surrounded by low hills.

An outlying territory of Tamita StateSulawesi Bay shares the same latitude as Manatu Island in the far south of the Irukandji Continent.

I terraformed the terrain of¬†Sulawesi Bay¬†by hand, and loosely based on the template of¬†Baie de l’Amore. Soon after, I used¬†Sulawesi Bay¬†as the template for the faraway region,¬†Sunset Shoals.

Sulawesi Bay had a single large landowner from the US who occupied the central island.

The Trans Irukandji Causeway traverses the region which ran east-west from Manatu Island to Kebo Atoa.

Neighbouring regions that adjoined Sulawesi Bay were Kebo Atoa, Irukandji Sound, Pinjarra IslandTiamo Reef, and Manatu Island.

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