Actif Ladies Underwear for OpenSim

Actif Ladies Underwear for OpenSim and Second Life avatars

Actif Ladies Underwear is system-texture clothing which does not require a mesh. It is suitable for avatars on OpenSim virtual worlds and Second Life. The range includes underpants, thongs, and singlets. Each clothing item is an individual garment allowing you to mix and match.

Garments in the Actif Ladies Underwear range are made of cotton lycra and come in nine seasonal pastel colours.

The textures are 100% original. Files are high resolution .png format produced in PhotoShop. The outfits includes multiple texture layers which can be combined to suit your desired level of modesty.

Free clothing zip files – Terms of use
You can download the files below and build the garments in Firestorm or your preferred viewer.
You can use my clothing textures freely however you are not to re-upload them onto the web, pretend that you created them, or sell them in-game for a profit. Virtual world owners are welcome to add them to their grid inventories on the provision that either ‘Xay Tomsen’ or ‘AndrewT 2020’ is attributed as the creator, and that they are given away to residents for free.

If you prefer the clothing ready-made, you can purchase them for loose change from the Electric Pussy stores in DigiWorldz on the Arius region. DigiWorldz is hypergrid-enabled and these garments will teleport fine to other OpenSim virtual worlds.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer this product range through Kitely Market as it is considered adult content due to the semi-transparent fabric.

If you like my avatar clothing, I’d really appreciate a like and subscribe to my AndrewT2020 YouTube channel. Thank you in advance!

You can find more ladies’ fashion items on the Female Avatar Clothing page.

Actif Ladies’ Thong

Actif Ladies’ Singlets & Bikini Briefs

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